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10904 highway 19 west
bryson city . nc . 28713
828 . 488 . 4804
use agreement :
+ alcohol prohibited on premises
+smoking prohibited on premises
+illegal drugs prohibited on premises
+non paying guest prohibited on premises
+more than one person per bunk is prohibited
+more than one person in toilet area is prohibited
+personal bedding or backpacks on beds is prohibited
+personal items left in common areas is prohibited
+removing any bluecup property (i.e. books . bedding
. toilet supplies . kitchenware . ) is prohibited .
+vandalizing any bluecup property . including ‘signing’ or
‘tagging’ walls or cabinets . is prohibited
+guest are responsible for their personal items and safety
+hostel has a vegetarian kitchen . only
+food permitted in common area . only
+observe hostel quiet hours 10pm to 10am

by signing below i am stating that i have read the above rules and agree to comply . i understand that any vandalism or theft will result in my credit card being charged for the amount of damage or items . i understand that breaking any of the above rules may result in termination of my stay without refund . i understand that bluecup may terminate my stay without refund for any reason at any time .
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print name __________________________
sign/date __________________________
online payment
bluecup is a nonprofit who’s purpose statement is clean ample h20 for all ! . . .
your visit helps us fulfill our purpose . many thanks ! . . .